QG's Swift denies claims he 'runs the club'

by theScore Staff Apr 19 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of Andrea Sznajder / IEM/ESL conducted an interview with QG Reapers Tuesday focusing on Baek "Swift" Dahoon's reaction to claims made by Kim "Doinb" Taesang and Im "T0M" Jaehyeon about Swift's conduct on the team. Swift and the club denied many of the allegations, calling Doinb's account "untrustworthy," and presented their own version of events.

Over the course of the interview, Swift responded to Doinb's claims that he constantly challenged the coaching staff, that he pressured the team to bench Doinb by refusing to play with him, that he called the team's AD carry Yu "Peco" Rui a bad player, and that he "runs the club."

Regarding the claims that Swift constantly challenged the coaching staff and refused to accept their recommendations, Swift said he shared his opinions during drafting, but didn't disobey the coaches.

You can ask the coach about picks and bans. During the pick-ban phase, I will take the initiative to share my thoughts but I wouldn’t specifically tell the coaching staff what to do, and I wouldn’t just pick what I wanted.

The pick-and-ban coach corroborated the statement, saying it wasn't uncommon for players to voice their opinions and for the pick-and-ban process to be collaborative.

Swift admitted that he approached management on March 26 and told them he could no longer play with Doinb. In his version of events, Doinb was too focused on streaming and not enough on practice, and had numerous internal conflicts with Swift and other QG players including Peco and top laner Bao "V" Bo, and Swift felt he had no choice but to approach management.

The QG jungler went into detail about the "unreasonable demands" Doinb made of management concerning streaming, and described a major fight between Doinb and Peco after QG's loss to LGD Gaming. He claimed that Doinb didn't attend 9AM meetings after the team began performing poorly, and that the head coach canceled the meetings as a result. Teammate Peco corroborated this.

Swift said that when he tried to explain his actions to Doinb, the mid laner refused to listen. He said he'd had conflicts with Doinb prior to Newbee's acquisition of QG, but increased staff had minimized some of these conflicts and improved the situation, until it flared up again at the end of the season.

"I couldn’t take it anymore, so I went to find the management," Swift said. "Because in the past I had tolerated him many times, but now I couldn’t take it anymore."

After Doinb's initial post, former QG jungler T0M allegedly authored a Facebook post that agreed with many of Doinb's allegations. Swift said that if T0M did have complaints, it might be because he harboured resentment towards QG's new jungler for replacing him on the team.

"To be honest this question, what I can say isn’t very convincing, you can directly ask Peco or the other teammates. But I see that Doinb is often chatting with T0M. T0M might have some misunderstanding, perhaps he’s only heard Doinb’s side. After all, T0M came to QG because I wasn’t originally going to sign with QG, so the club told T0M to come. But after QG satisfied my conditions, I signed the contract, I demanded the team not have a substitute jungler before I signed, so T0M couldn’t stay with QG. Perhaps because of this T0M has some complaints about me."

The interviewer asked teammate Peco about T0M's claim that Swift would call Peco a bad player in front of the rest of the team. Peco claimed the two had a joking relationship and would often banter back and forth. "Usually the two of us like to joke around, I’ll also flame Swift for being bad, it’s just playing around," he said.

With the release of Doinb's Wechat logs and QG's interviews, both sides of the issue have been made public. QG has called for a joint investigation by the LPL and League of Legends Association of Chinese Esports into the incident, to assess whether Doinb's conduct broke LPL rules. A LACE ruling has yet to be issued.

You can find a complete translation of the 15w interview on cyn's translation tumblr.

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