Report: FORG1VEN to leave H2K

by theScore Staff Apr 23 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of EU LCS 2016 Spring Semifinals / Riot Games

Konstantinos "FORG1VEN" Tzortziou is preparing to leave H2k-Gaming, according to a report by ESPN's Jacob Wolf.

Citing sources close to the team, Wolf wrote that Forg1ven's departure is not a result of poor behaviour or a new development surrounding his military service deferral, but because he did not work well with the team in-game.

H2K finished fourth in the EU LCS Spring Playoffs. Through the regular season, their record with Forg1ven was 14-4, second only to G2 Esports and enough to seed them directly into the semifinal round of the playoffs. Forg1ven's KDA during the split was an impressive 7.22. However H2k lost both of their playoff matches, first to Origen and then to Fnatic.

Forg1ven joined H2k-Gaming in December 2015 after a stint on Gambit Gaming in the EU LCS.

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