YellOwStaR returns to Fnatic

by Dennis Gonzales May 11 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

Bora "YellOwStaR" Kim has returned to Fnatic, the team announced Wednesday.

Earlier today, TSM announced the player's departure.

The writing was on the wall as far back as April 21 when TSM announced that they would be holding support tryouts and YellOwStaR expressed an interest in returning to Europe. All signs pointed to YellOwStaR leaving the team, but nothing was confirmed until now.

As part of TSM, YellOwStaR and co. had an overall disappointing 2016 NA LCS Spring Split. They finished in sixth place during the regular spring season and missed out on the 2016 Mid-Season Invitational as Counter Logic Gaming took the NA slot after defeating TSM 3-2 during the Spring playoff finals.

As one of the most decorated Western League players in history, YellOwStaR returns to Fnatic, the team he helped to rebuild in 2015 from the ground-up, and lead to back-to-back domestic titles, an 18-0 record in the summer split’s regular season and a 3rd-4th finish at the 2015 World Championship.

The team’s current support player, Johan “Klaj” Olsson, tweeted that he will remain with the club, but details of his future with the organization remain unclear.

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