Team YP signs female League of Legends roster

by Josh Bury Jun 13 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of Team YP

Team YP has signed a European all-female League of Legends team, the organization announced Monday.

In the post on their website, Team YP explained that the roster would begin by competing in Go4LoL tournaments, choosing to not restrict their competition to other female teams.

When reached for comment, a spokesperson for Team YP confirmed that their ultimate aspirations are much higher. Ultimately they would like to aim at the League Challenger Series, but they realize they will need to climb that climbing the ladder is a prerequisite.

"Although they are very strong on the female scene right now, they are preparing to compete with a lot of extremely strong teams to make it to the Challenger Series: Go4 is the next step in their journey. It is in their aspirations, they are ambitious, but they also understand the work that is ahead of them," the spokesperson said.

On the question of supporting the professional female scene, Team YP's announcement said that the cutthroat nature of the business means skill isn't enough: female players must also be remarkably thick-skinned.

"Furthermore, professional female teams are still offered less time under the spotlight. Team YP believes in equal opportunity for all, which is why our organization is ecstatic to support the female LoL scene by forming its own roster, consisting of some top female talents active on the EU West & EU Nordic and East servers."

The roster of Team YP's League of Legends team is as follows:

  • Joanna “Myshka” Pigla (Top, Poland)
  • Tanja “Escape” Reither (Mid, Austria)
  • Laura “Aryenzz” Muñoz (ADC, Spain)
  • Marlies “Maestra” Brunnhofer (Support, Austria)
  • Patrycja “Reniferka” Krumin (Jungle, Poland)'
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