The summer (1-1) split: EU LCS Week 6 staff picks

by theScore esports staff Jul 7 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot esports Flickr

theScore esports' League of Legends experts have tapped into their inner oracle for the sixth week of the European LCS Summer Split and offer up predictions for each of the games.

2016 EU LCS Summer Season Records: Emily Rand (19-31), Kelsey Moser (18-32) Tim Sevenhuysen (19-31).

OG vs. UoL Split Split Split
G2 vs. GIA G2 G2 G2
S04 vs. H2K Split Split H2K
OG vs. VIT Split Split Split
UoL vs. FNC Split Split FNC
G2 vs. ROC G2 G2 G2
GIA vs. H2K Split GIA H2K
S04 vs. SPY Split S04 Split

Schalke 04 vs. H2k-Gaming

Rand: H2K have made a habit of splitting their sets this season. This means that they can take games off of teams supposedly stronger than they are, but also end up dropping games to teams that are below them in the standings. H2K won't likely fall to S4, but they probably will tie, given their summer history and penchant for picking fights when they shouldn't.

Moser: H2K have looked increasingly disorganized of late. Schalke 04 have a very simple formula of getting Fox ahead, but in the short-term, a simple formula will win them more games. Both teams are still Top 4, and when Jankos goes off, they can make magic happen, but it should be a split series.

Sevenhuysen: There’s no denying that H2K are in a slump. They haven’t picked up a 2-0 since week 3, while dropping games to Roccat, Origen and the Unicorns of Love, all of whom they should be expected to out-class. That makes this prediction a trap, because by all accounts, H2K should still be one of EU’s best teams, but it’s risky to bet on them right now. I’m doing it anyways, and hoping this is the week H2K find their form.

Origen vs. Unicorns of Love

Rand: Two teams who have been improbably taking wins off of opponents further up in the standings, I fully expect this series to be a 1-1 split as well. UOL are a more baffling team in my eyes, but I've long since given up on predicting their outcome, since I'm inevitably wrong. Origen are interesting due to their side wave control, which allows them to avoid fights — which is necessary when your ADC is actually a mid laner. If any team gets the 2-0, it should be Origen, but my prediction is a 1-1 tie.

Moser: I'd love to get on the Origen hype train and predict a 2-0, but the Unicorns have been sleepers. They take unexpected wins through their jungler camping a lane. Origen can be surprised by more proactive early moves.

Sevenhuysen: You know how sometimes a movie is so bad it’s good? Yeah. That doesn’t really apply to pro LoL. This will probably be a messy 1-1 split. Origen: please don’t play past an hour again.

Schalke 04 vs. Splyce

Rand: This is one of the more interesting matchups for me, since I haven't been quite get a feel for either team, or gauge just how strong they are. Both are certainly capable of taking games from each other, so calling this one another draw.

Moser: Still not feeling Splyce. They've made impressive gains, this is very true, but they feel incredibly dependent on their bottom lane with Sencux occasionally just not having an impact. Trashy is equally unpredictable in form. As a result, I believe Schalke's easy formula will win the day.

Sevenhuysen: Every time I start to see positives in the play of either Schalke 04 or Splyce, they come out and look weak. And every time I start to focus on their negatives, they pull off a win. Following that trend, whichever team looks strong in game 1 will probably throw in game 2, so I guess I’ll predict a split.