Former TSM Darkness players say they will pursue legal action following release

by Nilu Kulasingham, Jacob "Brayll" Wolf  Mar 24 2015
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A few days after being released by SoloMid Corporation, three members of Team SoloMid Darkness (Darkness), Lyonel “Arcsecond” Pfaender, Ryan “Big Ol Ron” Ballard, and Paul “Indivisible” Nguyen, say that they plan to take legal action against the company.

“We were surprised after receiving news that the entire roster was being terminated in light of recent events surrounding T3azer, and his individual actions,” Pfaender told theScore eSports. “We contacted SoloMid Corporation shortly after to ascertain why this had happened. During a period of not receiving a response, we decided to look into taking legal counsel. After speaking with our lawyer, we made our intentions known to SoloMid to pursue legal action."

Pfaender alleges that “Solomid Corporation wrongfully terminated contracts with the players, did not fulfill services agreed upon in the contract, as well as a number of violations of clauses depicted in the contract. This is an unwarranted release and handling of the roster and is totally unacceptable.”

Pfaender did not elaborate on what the other alleged violations were, when asked by theScore eSports. theScore eSports has not confirmed the validity of the alleged claims.

On March 21, Esports Heaven reported that Darkness AD Carry, David “t3azer” Berube leaked scrim footage to Team Fusion coach, Keaton “Bee Sin” Cryer. While both CLG and Fusion swiftly condemned the move with respective statements, Solomid Corporation released the team.

Darkness, as Team Confound, participated in the Spring NACS qualifiers. The team nearly made it through the qualifiers but were defeated by Cloud 9 Tempest in a 2-0 loss.  It turned out, however, that C9T were to be disqualified for using a substitute ringer and Confound were to be given their place in the NACS.

Confound eventually signed with SoloMid under the name TSM Darkness.

Darkness started off the season with a victory over Counter Logic Gaming Black, but yet have to obtain any victories after Week 1. They currently hold a 1-7 record on the season.

theScore eSports has reached out to SoloMid but did not receive a response at time of publication. theScore will update this post as more information becomes available.

Update: TSM has responded to these allegations via Esports Heaven

“We notified the players on March 20th that we would be terminating our agreement. According to our contract, we are required to give 30 days notice. We requested that they no longer provided services and also prepaid the players in advance up until the termination date. (April 21st).”

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