yoe Flash Wolves to donate salary to charity

by Annabelle Fischer Mar 24 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Dennis Gonzales / theScore eSports

The yoe Flash Wolves are donating their entire compensation from Garena ($70,000) to charity after an incident which led to the team missing an LMS game against AHQ e-Sports Club on March 22.

An official statement was posted on the team's Facebook page and has been translated by Chia "Reazony" Yu.

As for the last game that we didn't participate in LMS, we've accepted the fine that Garena issued. Additionally, we will donate all of our eSport team compensation from Garena to charity, totalled 2,217,600 NTD (70,736.85 USD as of 2015/3/24).

The statement also reiterates the fact that the yoe Flash Wolves are not disbanding and will continue to play in the LMS once the bracket stage commences in April.

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