inSec hospitalized after breaking his leg

by Nilu Kulasingham Mar 26 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of LPL / CGA.CN

Star Horn Royal Club’s Choi "inSec" In-seok has been hospitalized after breaking his leg during rehearsals for the Demacia Cup semi-finals.

The hospitalization was confirmed by EDG’s Co-founder SanShao. (Screenshot)

eSports is a family, so we should support and work together. SHR’s Insec broke his leg and was sent to the hospital. We hope all fans and eSport Professionals come together in this time of need. Don’t take advantage of the situation and flame him. It doesn’t matter if you’re a player or just a watcher, we’re all  part of eSports; when an accident happens we should bond together. Everyone should stop with the back chatting. Starhorn Fighting!!! Insec Fighting!!!

Photos after the fall can be viewed below. Pictures courtesy of Chinese website NGA

Information from China (Screenshot) states that In-seok was part of a group of players that jumped from the first floor of the tournament's venue to the ground floor. The group was allegedly lost due to unfamiliarity with the convention hall’s layout and decided to jump the floor to avoid wasting time, although other sources state that the players jumped off the floor due to a bet.

No information has been released on whether or not In-seok will be able to play for Starhorn Royal Club in tomorrow’s semi-final match-up versus World Elite. However, sources claim that the situation is far worse than it seems and that he has been transferred to a larger hospital and is expected to be out of commission for some time. theScore eSports will update this post once a statement from Starhorn Royal Club has been released.

Star Horn Royal Club will play World Elite in the semifinals of the Demacia Cup tomorrow. Read Kelsey Moser’s article about why you should watch the Demacia Cup here.

Translations by Orrin Xu

Update: Starhorn Royal Club has confirmed that Insec will not be able to play during the Demacia Cup.

Due to an unfortunate incident, insec was injured, and thus cannot participate in Demacia cup. We wish him a speedy recovery.