Doinb's Newbee Young qualify for 2017 LPL Spring Split

by theScore Staff Aug 9 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of Andrea Sznajder / IEM/ESL

Newbee Young, a team featuring ex-QG Reapers mid laner Kim "Doinb" Taesang and coached by ex-SK Telecom T1 jungler Im "T0M" Jaehyeon, qualified for the League of Legends Pro League after defeating fellow League of Legends Secondary Pro League finalist Young Miracles 3-2 Tuesday.

Doinb joined Newbee Young after parting ways with Newbee (previously known as QG Reapers), following a public conflict with Baek "Swift" Dahoon. The Newbee Young roster that qualified for the LPL features: top laner Xu "ss17" Zhao, previously of LGD Gaming and Hyper Youth Gaming, young Korean jungler Kim "Clid" Taemin, Doinb, Wang "Along" Zijun, who previously played for Newbee's reserve league, and Liu "AhrI" Xiudong, ex-support player for WE Academy in 2014.

Newbee Young originally intended to register as the QG Reapers, but missed the deadline to do so and maintained the original Newbee Young name from last split. Doinb and Manager Li "LiNkO" Linke expressed that, following their departure from Newbee's main team, that their goal was to obtain a second LSPL championship and return to the LPL. They were joined by now-Coach and previous SK Telecom T1, Newbee, and Snake eSports substitute jungler, T0M.

YM will have another chance to qualify for LPL in promotions later this week, where they will play against the winner of Saint Gaming vs. Oh My God.

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