Demacia Cup Roundup: Just EDG things

by Kelsey Moser Mar 29 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Demacia Cup / Demacia Cup screengrab

While wanting a close series is all well and good, Qiao Gu vs WE probably wasn't the best-of-five spectators wanted to go for five games. Then, while Invictus Gaming showed their prowess in earlier stages of the tournament, Edward Gaming proved that there's still no one who can stand a chance in another convincing 3-0.

Maokai mid and minimal damage

OMG used a similar composition earlier this year: Maokai top, Lulu mid, Sivir AD carry. They crushed their game against Star Horn Royal Club despite naysayers noting that they had very little damage on their composition.

Today, Qiao Gu made an adaptation that OMG, in their foolishness, hadn't considered. They put Maokai mid. They grabbed Janna. They picked up double Locket of the Iron Solaris. It actually won.

There's a novel book-ended by two other, more appreciated novels, where part of the core story features giant trees uprooting themselves to assault the dual towers guarding a fortress. Despite trials and tribulations, they were successful.

In the act of not dying, Doinb's Maokai finished the game with a 6/2/20 scoreline.

In other words, Qiao Gu totally ripped of Tolkien. It shouldn't have worked, but on this day, Juggertree was un-tree-sonably successful simply because it was impossible to kill. That's something of which the Arbor Day Foundation can be proud.

Qiao Gu is stumped by poke

The two games WE won against Qiao Gu were with Nidalee jungle and Irelia top. Qiao Gu seemed ill-prepared to handle a poke composition with any accuracy while attempting to steam-roll structures. Aluka then took the opportunity to engage and assassinate whittled targets. Qiao Gu also suffered against split-push tactics.

In his stint on the casting desk, Gogoing declared he now believes it was "acceptable" for OMG to lose to Qiao Gu.

It's really not hard to beat them with minimal strategy, and we'll probably see that when they join LPL this Summer.

Nothing new

Edward Gaming adds a tenth title to their trophy case. This was more or less a foregone conclusion. With Invictus Gaming's impressive performance against LGD, hopes lingered that they could put up a fight: they couldn't.

It's easiest to describe Edward Gaming as a security detail of three Chinese players with pawN, the Darien-esque red herring carry, before the Deft squad.

There was a moment in the second game against Invictus Gaming today where pawN nearly died to Rookie, but Meiko just happened to be waiting in the wings with a Dark Passage, and Clearlove just happened to be prepping blue buff nearby. Then they three-manned Rookie.

It's almost as if every need from pawN and Deft is tended to by constant roams from Koro1, Clearlove, and Meiko. The potent combination of having to expect that at least two players are nearby if you choose to go aggressive in lane is a deterrent of many opponents. 

Then layers of alarms and distractions are put in place to make sure Deft gets a winning laning phase. The jungle surrounding his lane is well-warded. If an opposing jungler happens to wander in Deft's direction, pawN and Meiko or Clearlove will team up to assassinate him. Koro1 gets laning advantages through ganks to Teleport and turn fights. Did we mention frequent four mans? 

On top of all of that, pawN is either over-extending in lane or making roams to draw attention to himself when the game isn't really won unless Deft gets off the ground.

The trick is in peeling back these layers, and no team has managed to succeed at this in a meaningful way. Making sure Clearlove doesn't get Lee Sin to relieve some early pressure might be a good start.

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