G2 Esports defeat Splyce 3-1, win 2016 EU LCS Summer Split

by theScore Staff Aug 28 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games / Riot Games Flickr

G2 Esports have won the 2016 EU LCS Summer Split after defeating Splyce 3-1 in the finals Sunday. With the win, G2 will advance to the 2016 League of Legends World Championship as Europe's first seed.

The first two games began similarly, as both teams looked for weaknesses to exploit in the opposing lanes, with neither team building a large advantage in the early game. Game 1 saw G2 overwhelm Splyce with the combination of Expect's Gangplank and Trick's Gragas, who ended the game with a 5/1/8 and 1/1/11 scoreline respectively. But it was Splyce's Wunder who turned the tide in Game 2, as his Shen dominated with an impressive 5/0/15 scoreline.

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G2 began to exert control over the series Game 3, as they prevented Splyce from taking more than one tower. In successive teamfights Splyce were outplayed by G2, who built up a 10k gold lead in 25 minutes. One last push sent Splyce running, giving G2 the advantage heading into Game 4.

A Triple Kill First Blood for G2 at the 12 minute mark set the tone for the fourth game, as they cut off any momentum that Splyce hoped to build. G2 pushed into their base at the 20 minute mark and destroyed the first inhibitor in a clean Ace. The Nexus was bare at 31 minutes, and though Splyce put up an admirable defense, G2 secured the series win with a clean Ace.

This marks the second straight split that G2 has won.

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