VG, VG.R, LGD-Gaming, EHOME, CDEC Youth, CDEC Gaming, CDEC Avenger, iG and iG Vitality drop rosters

by theScore Staff Aug 30 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of Valve

Nearly every major Chinese Dota team has dropped their roster within the span of an hour on Monday.

Vici Gaming, Vici Gaming Reborn, LGD-Gaming, EHOME, CDEC Gaming, CDEC Youth, CDEC Avenger, Newbee Young, Invictus Gaming and Invictus Gaming Vitality have all dropped their rosters, though Vici Gaming have not released Liu "Sylar" Jiajun. Newbee also dropped their roster earlier on Monday.

It is still possible for players to rejoin their teams due to the two stage system Valve has implemented for roster locks. Players can leave or be dropped by teams up to Sept. 4, at which point players can join any team until Sept. 18.

This marks the single biggest change so far in the post-TI6 roster shuffle. While most Chinese teams shuffled their roster after disappointing performances at The Shanghai Major, the number of teams that have completely dropped their roster eclipses the previous shuffle by a large margin.

LGD was one of the six teams invited to TI6, though visa issues for Xue "September" Zhichuan meant that the team would have to play with Wang "Banana" Jiao instead of their full roster. A poor Group Stage sent LGD to the Lower Bracket, where they would fall outside of the Top 8 after losing to Digital Chaos in the second round. The team has already said that they plan to build a new roster around Lu "Maybe" Yao for the fall season.

EHOME exceeded expectations at TI6 after their disastrous Top 12 placement at The Shanghai Major, where they were one of the favorites to win. Winning no LANs between Shanghai and TI, EHOME’s Top 6 finish echoed their TI5 performance, though it wasn’t enough to prevent Daryl "iceiceice" Koh Pei Xiang from leaving the team.

CDEC as an organization have struggled since CDEC Gaming’s astounding run at TI5, failing to win any LAN since the start of 2016. While sister teams CDEC Avenger and CDEC Youth have played well at Chinese events, the two teams have rarely qualified for international events.

Vici Gaming have focused more on VG.R in the aftermath of the Shanghai Major than the original team, which has failed to qualify for any event outside of China since April. By contrast, VG.R has attended several events, including Nanyang Dota 2 Championships Season 2, The Manila Major and TI6, though they were not able to win any LANs.

iG and iG Vitality have struggled since TI5, with iG’s visa issues preventing them from attending The Frankfurt Major, the only Major they qualified for. Recently, iG won their first LAN since 2015 in July after defeating Newbee 2-0 to win National Electronic Arena 2016.

Newbee Young most notably replaced iG at The Frankfurt Major, where they would be eliminated by EHOME in the first round of the Lower Bracket. Beyond that, NY has not qualified for any events outside of China, with poor performances in qualifiers throughout 2016.

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