​INTZ upset EDG in their first game of Worlds

by Daniel Rosen Sep 29 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games Brasil/lolesportsbr / IWCQ 2016 / Riot Games Brasil

INTZ e-Sports have upset EDward Gaming in their very first game of the 2016 League of Legend World Championship.

INTZ, the wildcard team representing Brazil at Worlds, started the game strong, with Felipe "Yang" Zhao and Gabriel "Revolta" Heund camping Chen "Mouse" Yu-Hao in the top lane, taking advantage of EDG's tendency to ignore Mouse in favor of their other lanes. However, the other lanes weren't able to catch up fast enough, as Yang and Revolta were able to blow a hole through through EDG's top lane, then rotated to continue harassing Mouse in the bottom lane.

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Thanks to the help from Revolta, a Rift Herald and Infernal Drake, Yang put up an 6/2/7 KDA by the end of the game. Yang didn't just own top lane though, he also picked up a huge double kill towards the middle of the game in mid lane that kept the team alive when EDG was mounting a comeback.

The lead bled into their other lanes, and INTZ put together a 5k gold lead at 20 minutes, far more than anyone expected from the Brazilian team. EDG are the top seed in Group C, and were clean favorites to take first in the group. As ahq e-Sports club defeated H2k-Gaming earlier today, INTZ and ahq are now the first place teams in Group C heading into Day 2. It's safe to say that is a result that no one expected.

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