Gambit Esports win Adrenaline Cyber League

by Dennis Gonzales Oct 3 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of Helena Kristiansson / ESL

Gambit esports have won Adrenaline Cyber League after they defeated FlipSid3 Tactics 2-1 in the Grand Finals on Sunday, taking home $50,000.

Gambit were forced to make a lower bracket run through the event as they were knocked down into the loser's bracket in their opening matchup, losing 2-1 to Tengri. Gambit stayed alive by sweeping Team Spirit in Loser's Round 1, and got revenge on Tengri in Loser's Round 2 after a 2-0 win to move onto the finals against F3.

The first two maps of the finals were nail-biters as Gambit took Train 19-15 after an overtime, while F3 took Cobble 22-20 after a double overtime. The deciding map of the series was on Mirage and Gambit took a dominant 10-5 half. Gambit won the second pistol round and pushed to a 16-9 win to take the map and the series.

mou and AdreN were the stars for Gambit during the tournament as they had the two highest HLTV ratings for the event. mou had a 1.23 HLTV rating and AdreN followed closely with a 1.22 rating.

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