Remi joins Kaos Latin Gamers

by Daniel Rosen Oct 5 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot eSports

Maria “Remi” Creveling has joined Kaos Latin Gamers, the support player announced on Twitter Wednesday.

Remi last played for Renegades in the NA LCS, but left the team three weeks into the 2016 NC LCS Spring Split citing anxiety issues. She was replaced by Nicholas “Hakuho” Surgent, and the team went on to place eighth in the regular season before being banned from the LCS by Riot Games.

During her six NA LCS games, Remi put up a 1.46 KDA. Remi did help Renegades qualify for the LCS by placing first in the 2015 NA CS Summer Split, and put up a 6.47 KDA across the 11 games she played in that season.

Before playing for Renegades, Remi played for Curse Academy and Team Dragon Knights.

KLG has yet to confirm their roster for the upcoming season. In September, Carlos “Spotted” Ibanez, Julio “Juliostito” Berrios, Arlindo “element” Leal Neto and Maneul “BearJew” Parrochia left the team, leaving the organization with just Joaquin “Plugo” Perez and Renato “TheFoxz” de Sousa.

KLG placed seventh in the 2016 International Wild Card Qualifier, after a 1-6 record in the group stage.

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