Albus NoX, ROX Tigers qualify for Worlds quarterfinals; CLG, G2 eliminated

by Daniel Rosen Oct 6 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games / LoL esports
Group A
ROX Tigers 5-2
Albus NoX Luna 4-3
Counter Logic Gaming 3-3
G2 Esports 1-5

The ROX Tigers have qualified as the first seed from Group A for the 2016 League of Legends World Championship, following a tiebreaker win over Albus NoX Luna. ANX have also qualified, while Counter Logic Gaming and G2 Esports have been eliminated.

As has become their signature at this tournament, the Tigers got off to a rough start in the early game. CLG took a quick lead that the Tigers took back at around 15 minutes, but CLG weren’t going down without a fight. The Americans defended valiantly, but in the end, the Tigers widened their lead and busted through CLG’s base at 37 minutes, led by Peanut’s 10/1/7 Elise.

ROX, who qualified for Worlds after winning the 2016 LCK Summer Split over KT Rolster, were not only favorites to make it out of their group, but to win the entire event. However, their Week 1 loss to CLG inspired some doubts about the Tigers’ ability to perform at Worlds.

They didn’t do much to restore that faith in Week 2. Despite a quick and commanding win over G2 Esports early in the day, they took a messy 66-minute loss to Albus NoX Luna, perhaps the biggest upset of the tournament. That left the Korean team to play against CLG for a spot in the quarterfinals.

CLG qualified for Worlds as the second seed from North America, thanks in large part to their first-place finish in the 2016 NA LCS Spring Playoffs. CLG slumped in the summer split, placing fourth in the regular season and fourth in the playoffs.

At Worlds, CLG provided plenty of surprises, defeating the Tigers in Week 1 after losing to ANX. Week 2 was less kind to them. CLG took another loss to ANX, and despite beating G2, couldn’t manage another miracle win over ROX.

ROX went on to defeat ANX in a tiebreaker match, and will take the first seed out of Group A.

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Albus NoX Luna have become the first wildcard team to make it out of the League of Legends World Championship group stage, after a massive upset victory over the ROX Tigers in Day 5 of the event.

ANX took advantage of the top Korean team’s weak early game to establish a lead, then continued to pressure the Tigers throughout the mid and late game. The Korean team stole a Baron from ANX, giving them some precious extra time to defend their base from ANX’s relentless siege.

After a few attempts though, the CIS team cracked the Tigers’ base, closing out the game at 66 minutes, completing an upset bigger than INTZ e-Sports’ win over EDward Gaming in Week 1. Over the course of the game, ANX took nine inhibitors, four dragons and three Barons (though two were stolen at the last second by ROX).

ANX were considered to be the weakest team in Group A heading into Worlds, but after defeating G2 Esports and CLG during Week 1, they were poised to qualify for the quarterfinals in Week 2.

ANX started their second week with a dominant 12-3 win over Counter Logic Gaming. CLG's sloppy play gave ANX openings to keep nailing them with picks thanks to Kirill "Likkrit" Malofeev's 3/2/7 Bard locking them down and handing out kills to his teammates. Once ANX established an early game lead, they proceeded to quickly snowball and crushed CLG, taking the Nexus at just 30 minutes.

The team is not only the first International Wildcard team team to qualify for the quarterfinals, they're also the IWC team with the best group stage record ever. Last year, paiN Gaming won two games in the group stage, and KaBuM! e-Sports took one game in 2014. Albus NoX are currently 4-1 in their group, with one game left to play against G2 Esports.

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G2 Esports have been eliminated from the 2016 League of legends World Championship following their loss to ROX Tigers in the first best-of-one of Day 5.

ROX's weaker early game let G2 gain a slight advantage heading into the mid-game, however, the Tigers came back swinging with three kills at 16 minutes when they dove G2's bottom lane outer turret, knocking it down and slaughtering G2. At that point, the Tigers slowly broke G2, finishing the game 10-5 at 35 minutes.

G2 qualified for Worlds as one of the two seeds out of Europe. The team took first place in both the 2016 EU LCS Spring and Summer Splits, but G2's failure to make the Top 4 at the Mid-Season Invitational in May left Europe without a first seed at Worlds.

At MSI, G2 finished the group stage with a 2-8 record, finding their only wins against Turkish team SuperMassive eSports. After this loss to the Tigers, G2 will effectively end the group stage with an 0-4 record, though the team will play out the rest of their matches in Group A and may have the chance to play spoiler to either CLG or Albus NoX.

Many had G2 pegged as a strong contender to make it out of Group A along with the Tigers. However, Albus NoX Luna's victories over G2 and Counter Logic Gaming, along with the Tiger's loss to CLG, threw Group A into dissaray during Week 1, leaving G2 in the dust for Week 2.

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