Sakuya: 'I want to apologize and try to make amends with the community for how I acted'

by theScore Staff Oct 7 2016
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Maria "Sakuya" Creveling, formerly known as Remilia, issued a personal apology on Twitlonger for what she referred to as being an "awful person towards the community" during her time in the LCS and CS.

Sakuya formerly played for Misfits (who later rebranded to Renegades) in the LCS. She made waves by being the first female player in the LCS, but dealt with a lot of criticism and stress along with it, causing her to eventually step down from the team after almost a year.

After some time away from the scene, she has recently come back to competitive LoL by joining Latin American team Kaos Latin Gamers. In her Twitlonger, she addressed the issues she faced before and throughout the LCS.

"Before I was picked up for Misfits, I was living in a really unstable household, living off foodstamps month by month," Sakuya wrote. "I was dealing with super awful body image issues. I had anxiety attacks in the Renegades house over this kind of stuff. I was in really unhealthy mental place and the stress from LCS and the exposure was making it a lot worse."

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She continued by writing about how a breather from the LCS allowed her to work on herself and allowed for her to grow into an "emotionally stable" adult.

"I can actually go outside, go to restaurants ... have fun and genuinely be happy. I never in my time as a teenager learned a lot of the basic skills I would need to be an emotionally stable happy young adult, I just played video games. The months following my departure from LCS I focused on learning these skills."

Her Twitlonger wrapped up by explaining the reasoning for the post, which discussed the progress she made in her time away and apologizing to her fans for her behaviour during her time on Renegades.

"The reason I wrote all this is I wanted to share what I've been working on the my past few months and how much I personally have grown as a human. Looking back on how I treated the community during that period, lashing out on twitter, treating my fans poorly, treating the outside world like everyone hated me and acting like such a victim... I really [want to] apologize and I hope I can start making amends."

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