Schalke 04 to host scouting event for new LoL pre-season roster

by theScore Staff Oct 12 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of FC Schalke 04

Schalke 04 are launching a scouting camp for competitive LoL players looking for a chance to play under their banner, the organization announced Wednesday morning.

The event is going to be a five-day competition open to players from around the world, no competitive experience required. It will give up-and-coming players a chance to "show their skills under the eye of the Schalke scouts," the release said.

The grand prize for the top five players at the event is to play under Schalke 04 at the GEFORCE Cup in Warsaw as the team's official pre-season roster.

"By complementing the Scouting Days, we maintain our solid foundation of youth development," Tim Reichert, Head of Esport at Schalke 04 said in the statement. "Looking at the amount of important factors involved in successful, long-lasting teamwork; one of our top priorities has always been to not only reach out to professional players but also to the uncut diamonds in the scene."

Registration is open until Oct. 18. Participants must have reached at least master division on the EU ladder.

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