Splyce sign WoW arena squad Toxic Youth

by Josh Bury Oct 18 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of Splyce

Toxic Youth, who came second at the World of Warcraft Arena European Regional Championship, have signed with Splyce.

The esports organization announced the move Tuesday. The WoW Arena squad is composed of Simon "Boetar" Heinks, René "Swapxy" Pinkera and Fabio "FabsS" Nardelli. They have an established legacy of strong performances including the aforementioned second-place finish, where they went up 3-1 against Northern Gaming Blue but ultimately fell short in the grand final best-of-seven series. They still qualified for BlizzCon, however, and have a potential opportunity for redemption.

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The members of Toxic Youth — along with Joe "Joefernandes" Fernandes, who is not part of this roster — also won BlizzCon 2015, where they represented SK Gaming. FabsS also won BlizzCon in 2010 as part of Against All Authority.

Josh "Gauntlet" Bury is a news editor for theScore esports. You can find him on Twitter.