Samsung Galaxy defeat H2k-Gaming 3-0, advance to Grand Finals at Worlds

by theScore Staff Oct 22 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games/lolesports / 2016 World Championship / Riot Games

Samsung Galaxy have advanced to the 2016 World Championship Grand Finals after sweeping H2k-Gaming 3-0 in the semifinals on Saturday.

H2K started the series with a bang after taking out Ambition before the first minute, following it up with a kill on Corejj a few minutes later. H2K's strong start did not last however, as SSG took a 1K gold lead with more efficient farming and some timely kills of their own. But an attempt to expand that lead in the mid game resulted in H2K turning SSG's gank of Vander into a four-for-two trade.

Despite coming out on top of the fight, H2K could not overcome SSG's gold lead as the game dragged on. Jankos' Olaf secured an impressive 100 percent kill participation in Game 1, but it was not enough to prevent SSG from destroying H2K's base in just over 39 minutes.

Game 2 began in much the same way as Game 1, with H2K controlling the early game and preventing SSG from going on the offense. And much like the first game, H2K could not properly engage in the mid game, as Crown's Cassiopeia dominated teamfights, ending the game with a strong 6/3/10 KDA.

Unlike the previous two games, SSG controlled Game 3 from the start, securing a 4K gold lead in 12 minutes after ganking Jankos and Ryu twice. After focusing on objectives for the next 10 minutes, SSG took an early Baron and began their assault on H2K's base, which was briefly repelled. But after catching Odoamne's Trundle out of position, SSG completed their sweep of the European team in a quick and efficient 26-minute game.

SSG move on to the Grand Finals where they will face SK Telecom T1 on Oct. 29 to see which team will become the 2016 League of Legends World Champion.

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