Riot Meddler: It's 'quite likely' LoL moves to a 10-ban system

by theScore Staff Oct 28 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

Lead Gameplay Designer Andrei "Meddler" van Roon has acknowledged that Riot are looking into the possibility of moving from a six ban system to a 10-ban system once League of Legends' new client is released, saying that the move is "quite likely" but not a done deal.

Currently, professional League of Legends games and regular ranked matchmaking are played with three bans per team, with teams alternating banning one champion at a time. Meddler said that the new system could completely change that, and many possibilities and permutations are being discussed.

"We're still planning to look into 10-bans once the new client's out (changes needed to champ select for extra bans would be made in that, not the old client). I think it's quite likely we move to a 10-ban system, though that's not guaranteed yet," he wrote. "Assuming we do go to 10 bans it's also possible Pro games and regular games might make the change at somewhat separated times (different workflows for draft matchmaking games versus tournament draft in custom games which is what Pro uses)."

He also said that Riot have considered several options for the new ban system.

"All up front? Bans mixed in with picks? Everyone at the same time? Bans selected before even getting to a game? etc," said Meddler. Even having separate solutions for pro and regular play is "something we're open to if it's the best solution."

Dota 2 currently has a 10-ban system in Captains Mode, the mode primarily used for professional play, which is also available for regular ranked matchmaking. In All Pick and Random Draft (the other two modes available for regular matchmaking) each player has the option to vote on a ban during a 15 second window at the start of the draft, with half the heroes randomly selected as bans for that game.

Ultimately, "not increasing champ select time's probably going to be a starting requirement here, or at least very strong goal," said Meddler.

The new LoL client is currently in Alpha testing. No date has been given for the move to an open Beta.

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