FORG1VEN to field offers from other teams and regions

by theScore Staff Nov 3 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of Worlds / lolesports flickr

Konstantinos-Napoleon "FORG1VEN" Tzortziou announced on Facebook Thursday that he's open to offers from other organizations, regions and leagues, now that his contract with H2k-Gaming has expired.

The Greek AD carry made a point to say that he is still open to playing with H2K under the right circumstances.

"I am thankful to H2K for giving me the opportunity to compete in my first World Championship and my door will always be open for them," FORG1VEN wrote in the post. "In case they keep a strong roster for Season 7 and I have an offer from them, everything is possible."

However, FORG1VEN said that he would prefer to play in a different region next split.

“I am still motivated to continue competing since it’s the only aspect of the game that I purely enjoy and gets me going,” he wrote. “I would prefer to not stay in Europe since its a very stagnant region from many aspects except if random offer comes in which I can’t foresee at the moment. I just want to explore a new region, which means a new refreshing challenge.”

He said he would consider playing in the Challenger Series, possibly hinting that he would entertain offers from newer, big-money EU Challenger teams like FC Schalke 04 or Paris Saint-Germain, but he sees Challenger as “less of a priority.”

The news comes several days after H2K’s second AD carry, Aleš "Freeze" Kněžínek, announced he was also open to outside offers for a short period until Nov. 14. Freeze sat out the EU LCS Summer Playoffs and 2016 World Championship due to a hand injury, and FORG1VEN rejoined the team specifically to replace him. It is not clear whether Freeze has recovered from his injury, or whether H2K is considering keeping both ADCs next split.

FORG1VEN first joined H2K in Dec. 2015, but left to join Origen for the beginning of the 2016 summer split. He returned to H2K at the end of the split, and went on to help them place third in the EU LCS Summer Playoffs and place in the Top 4 at Worlds in October.

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