steel replaces zews on Immortals

by theScore Staff Nov 8 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of Helena Kristiansson / ESL

Wilton "zews" Prado has been replaced by Lucas "steel" Lopes on Immortals' CS:GO roster, according to a Facebook post put out by the organization on Tuesday.

"We would like to thank Wilton "zews" Prado for his services and knowledge in the game," Immortals' team coach Rafael "zakk" Fernandes wrote in the statement. "He's still a good friend of the team and he taught us a great part of how to play as one. He will not be forgotten."

steel previously played for Luminosity Gaming and, most recently, g3nerationX. While he was on g3x, the team placed first at both ESL Brasil Premier League Season 1 and 2 Finals. He’d also previously placed 5-8th at ESL One: Cologne 2015 while with LG.

"I’m very happy to play for Immortals,” steel wrote in the statement. “I had a terrible year in 2015 playing with LG boys (now SK), but during 2016, I’ve been practicing non-stop. You can expect a Steel with an absurd level of dedication and motivation to get Immortals to number 1."

Immortals have recently struggled at premier events, as they placed 9th-10th at the ESL Pro League Season 4 Finals, and 13-16th at ELEAGUE Season 2 after they failed to make it out of the group stage.

zews responded to the news in a Twitlonger, where he thanked Immortals’ staff for their support, but also acknowledged some issues with his former teammates.

“I haven't spoken with most since ESL Pro League finals.. so I'm not gonna lie and say I'm happy about how this was dealt but I wish you the best of luck moving forward," zews wrote. "Deep down I know you are good guys. You're young and just need to get your priorities and heads in place. The potential is there and you've shown us all this many times.”

He goes on to say that he’s now going to return to coaching, saying it’s something he feels “very motivated to fully embrace again.”

zews had not commented on the news at the time of publication. This story was later updated to include his response.

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