Houston Rockets hire former Team Archon CEO as director of esports development

by Josh Bury Dec 1
Thumbnail image courtesy of Action Images / Getty

The Houston Rockets are looking to break into esports, and they've added former Team Archon CEO Sebastian Park to their front office to help them do it. He is the first front-office executive in an NBA organization devoted solely to esports development.

Park confirmed to theScore esports that he had been hired by the NBA franchise to help them chart a course into esports, whatever that ultimately may be.

The announcement was made initially by Bloomberg, who Park told that the exact path the Rockets will take is still up in the air.

“Nothing is off the table. We’re going to look at everything,” he told Bloomberg.

That could mean that the Houston Rockets brand may make the transition to esports directly, Park said in the Bloomberg article, or employ some other strategy. He said that the Rockets' willingness to admit what they didn't know was encouraging.

"What really drew me to the Rockets was their ability to say, ‘There are things we know, and things we don’t know. We know the esports space is valuable, now let’s take time and really figure it out,'" he told Bloomberg.

The Rockets have shown previous interest in esports. Their general manager Daryl Morey defended competitive gaming as a guest on ESPN's TrueHoop podcast, where he mentioned esports as a growth field.

"The other one I think is going to be big is obviously esports," Morey said on the podcast. "If you look at anyone under the age of 25 in there, the time they spend is heavily on competitive video games."

Josh "Gauntlet" Bury is a news editor for theScore esports. You can find him on Twitter.