EA Sports and NFL Media to partner on Madden esports coverage

by Daniel Rosen, Josh Bury Dec 5 2016
Thumbnail image courtesy of EA/NFL

EA Sports and NFL Media are partnering to provide coverage of the $1 million Madden NFL Championship Series, according to a press release obtained by theScore esports.

The partnership will feature Madden esports on a new show called EA SPORTS Madden NFL America, which will stream first on on Friday evenings and then re-air on NFL Network on Saturday mornings.

The 30-minute show will provide coverage of the competitive scene as well as provide a look at "the personal lives of the country’s best Madden NFL players while also featuring current NFL players who are passionate about the Madden NFL game." The inaugural season will feature Damon "Snacks" Harrison of the New York Giants and Jimmie Ward of the San Francisco 49ers, among others.

The Madden NFL Championship Series will feature four tournaments — three regular season events and one championship. The Madden Classic ran from Dec. 1-3, the Madden Bowl will run from Jan. 25 to Feb. 4 and the Madden Challenge will take place between March 31 and April 2.

Finally, the Madden Championship will be a four-week league starting on April 20, and run through the playoffs which take place from May 19-21. Qualification for all the tournaments will be handled through online qualifiers.

Madden NFL 17 viewership on Twitch is very low compared to other esport titles. Madden 17's peak viewer count on Twitch over the past year was 4,619 across all channels broadcasting the game, a number they hit just a days after the game launched. In comparison, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive peak viewership over the last seven days was 165,487 viewers watching CS:GO across all Twitch channels broadcasting the game.

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