Patch 7.1 notes highlight a 'multi-patch plan of action,' Champion balance changes

by theScore Staff Jan 10
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

If you like baseball, you're in for a treat. Patch 7.1 brings the nerf bat to "outlier" Champions like Camille and older faces like Poppy, while pitching damage increases to those AD carries needing the most love.

This patch is the first in a multi-patch series planned to tackle the largest issues facing the Rift. Riot used 7.1 to address the high-powered Champions often permabanned and the woefully weak sharp-shooters. Recently, there has been a high amount of concern voiced by the community over the future of AD carries and Riot is facing the music, starting with "making Lucian not an active detriment to your team's success."

Lucian, Kalista and Draven received substantial number-related buffs to bump their viability, along with the assassin Talon. Meanwhile, Camille, Poppy, Lee Sin and Kennen invoked the ire of the nerf bat. Karma, Ryze, Syndra and Shyvana also received some minor tweaks to numbers and ability effects.

Junglers have becoming more dominant in the Rift since the preseason early jungle changes. The hope was that the reduction in late game clear payouts would be enough to balance the early jungle power spikes — it was not entirely successful. The first clear on all camps has received a nerf in experience return, with all camps outside of the Raptors, which had a buff in experience gain, thereafter.

A slew of changes were thrown at the League client, improving the efficiency of the beta client for when the legacy client is removed. Alongside several bug fixes, many problems plaguing spectator mode, summoner icons and an issue causing the inability to edit Masteries in Champion Select have been addressed.

Finally, skins! The Chroma pack for Firecracker Jinx will be released at some point during this patch. Also waiting in the wings are the Warring Kingdoms skins for Azir, Garen and Vi and the futuristic Dreadnova Gangplank skin.

To view the changes hitting the Rift, check out Riot's official Patch 7.1 Notes!