Harstem, MajOr and Lambo leave Invasion eSport, accuse org of withholding prize money

by theScore Staff Jan 16 2017
Thumbnail image courtesy of Invasion eSport

Kevin "Harstem" de Koning, Juan Carlos "MajOr" Tena Lopez and Julian "Lambo" Brosig have all left Invasion eSport, alleging that the organization has withheld their prize money from tournaments including DreamHack Montreal.

Harstem announced his free agency on Monday morning, saying the org had not paid him or MajOr their prize money from DreamHack Montreal. MajOr's manager and mother, Maru Lopez Ramirez, confirmed to theScore esports that he was leaving the team and is owed $6,000 from DreamHack Montreal 2016 and $1,000 from DreamHack Valencia 2016.

Following Harstem's post, Lambo also said on Twitter that he had not received payments from Invasion and he would be leaving the team as well. Both Harstem and Lambo say they've had difficulty getting in contact with the org's management.

Ramirez said she had been in contact with Invasion manager Sebastien "Sebou" Dang in regards to the prize money up until Dec. 16, but he fell out of contact. She said that Invasion vice president Simple told her that Sebou is in Hong Kong and unable to communicate.

Sebou has faced similar accusations in the past, with former MVP coach Lee "Choya" Hyung Seop accusing him of not paying Koh "GuMiho" Byung Jae several thousand dollars after leaving the team. Former Afreeca Freecs head coach Yi "Legend" Seon Jeong also accused Sebou of not paying back the Freecs after an aborted partnership.

Sebou answered those accusations on Reddit, saying that GuMiho actually owed him money following the end of of his contract due to various fees. He also said that the deal in place with the Freecs, then called SBENU, fell apart because "it was a problem he [Legend] made with the team that pushed the CEO to claim the contract was breached and so canceled."

theScore esports have reached out to Invasion eSport. DreamHack declined to comment on the specific case, but said that all prize money claims from 2016 have been paid or are in the process of being paid.

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