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The Most Iconic Esports Moments: The xPeke, Fnatic vs. SK Gaming (IEM Katowice 2013)

by theScore esports Staff Apr 17 2017

There are moments that define a game, watershed highlights that transcend the competitive scene and come to resonate throughout the game itself. Dota has "The Play" and "The Six-Million Dollar Echo Slam," Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has Happy's Deagle Ace and S1mple's Falling AWP. For League of Legends, one such moment is simply known as "The xPeke."

It is a play elevated to legendary status by the mind-blowing skill it took, the passionate casting of Joe Miller and Leigh "Deman" Smith, and the fiery rivalry between Fnatic and SK Gaming that set the stage for history.

Today, we relive a singularly iconic League of Legends moment. Let's look back on Fnatic versus SK Gaming at IEM Katowice 2013 and "The xPeke."

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