8 quick tips for Pudge

by Dennis Gonzales Mar 9
Thumbnail image courtesy of Valve

Pudge is one of the most recognizable and iconic heroes in Dota, thanks in part to his high pick rate in pubs. While he's usually played in the midlane, he's a surprisingly versatile hero that can play any role effectively.

Regardless of your role, it's important to know the basics and some advanced tips for this portly hero.

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  1. You can deny yourself with Rot. It's common knowledge, but worth reiterating.
  2. Use Rot when last-hitting. The ability has no casting animation, so you can activate it at any time and it will not cancel your attack animation. The extra damage can mean the difference between getting a last hit or not.
  3. Hitting Meat Hook can be a mental game, so learn to bait out a juke by cancelling the animation. This is also useful even if you don't intend on throwing out a hook. It can function as a scare tactic or a harassment tool.
  4. If you have a Blink Dagger, in some situations it's better to initiate with an aggressive blink and open with Dismember, rather than taking the chance on a Meat Hook.
  5. Meat Hook can hit targets affected by Cyclone, pulling the target but not damaging them. This applies to the Cyclone effect of Eul's Scepter of Divinity, Invoker's Tornado and Brewmaster's Storm spirit from Primal Split.
  6. Meat Hook completely ignores ancient creeps. Keep this in mind for catching a jungling hero off guard, or fishing for a hook in Roshan's Pit.
  7. Learn the hitbox size for Meat Hook and the hitbox size for heroes versus creeps. The hero hitbox is significantly bigger than a creep's hitbox and you can surprise people who think they're safe hiding behind a ranged creep.
  8. Pay attention to the creep waves. Often you can time a hook based on a hero going for a last hit, this is much more predictable against melee heroes.

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