The Nexus Podcast ep. 5: Inori on the new Phoenix1, reforming his behaviour and one-tricks

by Gabriel Zoltan-Johan Mar 14

1:00 - Phoenix1's schedule and lifestyle
5:07 - Inori on sharing duties and knowledge with Meteos
7:58 - The value of substitutes on NA LCS rosters
12:38 - Inori on the lows of last year and the highs of this year
14:13 - Inori on reforming his behavior and trying to become a role model
18:01 - Doublelift and Adrian move to Team Liquid
23:48 - Where does Inori feel he ranks among NA LCS junglers?
26:16 - The gap between teams in the NALCS, and NACS
28:23 - Inori on his personal issues and losing confidence in his play
30:13 - The lessons learned during his break
37:56 - Swapping roles to jungle and being called a "one-trick"
44:25 - The future of Phoenix1 and getting a Vancouver homecoming

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The LCS trade deadline has come and gone, and the teams emerging with new starting rosters includes Team Liquid and Phoenix1.

So the fine folks at The Nexus have decided there's no better person to talk to than a member of one of the shaken up teams, Phoenix1 jungler Rami "Inori" Charagh.

In this 5th episode, hosts Lisa and Gabe quiz Inori on Phoenix1's new jungler rotation featuring William "Meteos" Hartman and himself, try to comb through the value of substitutes in the NA LCS, and talk about being a role model for fans of the game.

Next, we touch on Doublelift's return to the LCS, and his brand new union with former Phoenix1 support Adrian "Adrian" Ma. Inori then leans into that topic to discuss his own personal issues which caused him to take a break in Vancouver for two weeks, and how it helped him refine his mentality for the better.

Finally, Lisa, Gabe, and Inori have a frank discussion about the misconceptions surrounding one-tricks and why it's one of the flimsiest criticisms you can have for a pro player.

Gabriel Zoltan-Johan is a News Editor at theScore esports and the head analyst for the University of Toronto League of Legends team. His (public) musings can be found on his Twitter.