8 quick tips for Gragas

by Gabriel Zoltan-Johan Mar 17
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

With an ultimate that can be as game-winning as it is game-losing (maybe don't knock the enemy Amumu into your entire team), Gragas is a very tricky champion to master. These tips can help, and it's definitely worth going through each one in practice mode before coming into a solo queue match as a "first time Gragas."

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  1. Gragas can E and then flash into his target directly to avoid creeps and then stun. He can do this in any direction, not just the direction he is Body Slamming
  2. Pressing E and then Q will cancel the Q animation and do both abilities at once in the directions you cast them
  3. Gragas' ultimate can also be cast during the animation of Body Slam, getting rid of the 0.25 second delay nerf and giving him an extended range on the ultimate
  4. Gragas passive works on all abilities, so using skills such as body slam to roam faster will also have the benefit of sustaining the health of the heavy drinker
  5. Gragas' Body Slam stops the knockback caused by his ultimate, so it allows you to separate a key target from everyone else if timed well
  6. Gragas can leave a Q on the ground, do some trigonometry and use his ultimate to knock targets into his empowered Q
  7. Gragas ultimate can be used in terrain, still separating targets from each other despite not hitting them with the barrel itself
  8. Gragas W reduces damage for 2.5 seconds when used, even after the empowered auto-attack goes off. Use it before jumping in to any fight, and use it during your jungle clear to keep yourself healthy

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