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The Craziest (and Cringiest) Moments from E3 2017

by Sasha Erfanian Jun 15
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E3 thrives on spectacle. Big reveals, big presentations, big everything. However, for every Kevin Butler... there's a Mr. Caffeine. While the convention has a long history of awesome moments, there's an equally long list of awkward PR stunts and skits that fall flat on their face.

With that in mind, here are the craziest and cringiest moments from E3 2017.

The Craziest

Devolver Digital's Big Fancy Press Conference

E3 press conferences all follow a very similar script filled with the same buzz words: "immersive," "awesome," "cinematic," etc. etc.

Devolver Digital, publisher of Hotline Miami and Serious Sam HD, used their time slot on the E3 Twitch stream to poke fun at every other publisher press conference with a 15-minute satire starring a gun-wielding "Chief Synergy Officer" and a machine that lets you literally throw your money at a screen for a game.

Words fail to describe the sheer insanity of Devolver Digital's Big Fancy Press Conference, so we advise you to take 15 and experience it for yourself.

Mario XCOM

When Ubisoft began their press conference, the second last thing anyone expected them to announce was a Mario game. The very last thing anyone expected them to announce was a Mario game clearly modeled after XCOM featuring Rabbids and Mushroom Kingdom denizens teaming up for fast-paced, tactical combat.

As absolutely insane as the idea sounds at first blush, after seeing game play footage it actually looks... pretty fun.

The Cringiest

Mortal Kombat ninjas dancing with Gangsta Panda for Just Dance 3

Sigh, when will people learn E3 and dancing just don't mix? That bit of common wisdom falls on deaf ears when it comes to Ubisoft press conferences and their yearly tradition of awkward Just Dance live musical numbers.

However, 2017's just might take the cake. Not only does it feature Mortal Kombat style robo-ninjas in addition to the usual peppy, Hannah Montana-style backup dancers, but the performance also sees them cavort around a gangsta panda wearing gold chains and a bandanna.

Even discounting the uncomfortable subtext, the whole thing was questionable on grounds of sheer taste.

The Darwin Project esports shoutcaster

"Hey guys? Have you heard about this e-Sports thing? The kids sure do love it these days!" — Some marketing guy, probably.

It's always a little pathetic when soulless corporations try to co-opt esports, an industry that wears its grassroots origins on its sleeve.

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However, the reveal of The Darwin Project took half-assed attempts to publicize an aspiring esport to a whole new low thanks to an obnoxious shoutcaster commentating the pre-filmed footage like it's Ali vs. Foreman.

Even if The Darwin Project somehow manages to become the next League or CS:GO, that won't change the fact that this presentation was a very sub-optimal way to bring in esports fans.

Sasha Erfanian is a news editor for theScore esports. You can follow him on Twitter.