Yahoo Esports shuts down amidst Verizon buyout

by Daniel Rosen Jun 14
Thumbnail image courtesy of Yahoo Esports

Yahoo Esports will cease operations as of June 16, Yahoo's Head of Esports Media Travis Gafford announced Wednesday.

The site's shutdown comes one day after Verizon completed its $4.5 billion buyout of Yahoo, and Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer's resignation. Last week, Yahoo announced that its shareholders had approved the deal after more than a year of negotiations. Verizon will merge its AOL assets with several Yahoo-owned sites to form Oath, which Gafford cited as part of the reason Yahoo Esports was shuttered in his statement.

"As Yahoo Sports becomes part of Oath, they are focusing on aligning with the new company strategy and are focused on growing the Yahoo Sports brand," Gafford said in a statement posted to Yahoo Esports.

Gafford also extended his thanks to the site's staff.

"All of them invested their long hours, passion, and endless creativity into this endeavor. If I have a chance to work alongside any of them again in the future, I will take it in a heartbeat. You’ll be hard pressed to find better women and men for positions in this industry."

Yahoo Esports launched in March 2016, and covered several esports titles. It is unclear if Oath has plans for esports in its future, but Yahoo Esports is not currently listed as part of the 30 brands on Oath's website.

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