Best Skin Concepts: SK Telecom T1

by theScore Staff Jun 21 2017
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

Best Skin Concepts is a recurring series that highlights the best skins and skin concepts for heroes, champions and characters across a variety of games.

It's that special time of the year again when a new batch of SK Telecom skins are released for fans to purchase and love. That love will last for about six months, until SKT win their next world title and those same fans begin to clamor and debate which champions will receive the next set of SKT skins. Of course, it's inevitable that each of the game's champions will get an SKT skin at some point, but that's neither here nor there.

Instead, let us gaze upon the skin concepts that fans have created in celebration of SKT's many world championship victories. They're original, diverse and, in one case, better than what Riot has come up with. Not that that's very difficult.

SKT Orianna

By gumae

Faker's Orianna is a delight to behold, and it will be a good day when he finally decides to grant the Lady of Clockwork her own SKT skin. Though the skin could use a little more yellow to better match SKT's colors, its slick design and adorable Ball is more than enough to make it a fitting tribute to one of Faker's best heroes.

SKT Lulu

By dotswap

Much like SKT themselves, SKT Lulu exudes dominance. Lulu looks like a queen or a military commander in this skin, and considering SKT's routine and unsurprising domination of their opponents in Korea and worldwide, is surprisingly fitting. And even though the wand is merely SKT's logo, it fits very well with the tone of the overall concept. Also, the broccoli is a very nice, albeit subtle touch.

SKT Ryze with KOO Fiora

By Mkuchima

Made in anticipation of the 2015 World Championship Finals, this concept celebrates what would be an extremely good set of games. Compared to the Ryze SKT skin we would get, the Ryze in this concept changes his body into the logo and colors of everyones' favorite Korean champions instead of merely adding clothes. The worst part about this concept is that we will never get KOO Tigers Fiora, which is surprisingly badass and sophisticated in design and showcases one of the team's most beloved outfits.

SKT Elise

By Sac

Before I talk about this one, I'd just like to say that Riot's SKT Elise skin is perfectly fine on its own. That said, this skin concept is much better than Riot's. From the design of her spider limbs, to the additional armor and the surprisingly fashionable SKT hoodie, this concept would arguably be the best Elise skin available if it were released.

SKT Ahri

By Duradello

Faker has tried to get an SKT skin for Ahri in the past, but couldn't get the skin made for their most recent Worlds victory because he did not play as her at the tournament. Perhaps one day Faker will receive the Ahri skin he wants, but until that day, we can only pay tribute to him with skin concepts such as this. And I have to say, the glasses truly make this concept shine.

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