Around the web: SGDQ kicks off and it's a dog eat dog planet at TI qualifiers

by Sean Wetselaar Jul 3 2017
Thumbnail image courtesy of Games Done Quick

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This week saw some unlikely teams qualify for The International 2017 amid an extremely competitive field, along with the launch of Summer Games Done Quick (SGDQ), a charity speedrunning event benefiting Doctors Without Borders.

I should warn you in advance. This piece contains puns. Proceed at your own risk.

TI6 teams include OG, VP and... Planet Dog?

The qualifiers for The International 2017 are officially behind us, and with that comes a final look at which teams will compete for what is likely to be the year's biggest prize pool in esports. The cohort includes invited giants like OG and, along with some unsurprising qualified rosters like Team Secret and iG Vitality.

But the list also includes some less-known organizations.

Planet Dog is a team build around members of the former Prodota roster — many of whom are veterans of the scene. But the team name itself, which may or may not be related to the makers of eco-friendly dog toys, is a new banner for the players.

They weren't the only underdogs to make it to The International, though. Anime protagonists Team NP will also be in attendance, alongside Digital Chaos' new roster.


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What is even more surprising about the qualifiers though might be the teams that will not be in Seattle. Planet Odd — the new home for the former DC roster that came second at TI6, and Singapore powerhouse Team Faceless did not make it through qualifiers.

Nor did any of the players formerly from the Wings Gaming roster that won TI6, making this the first year the defending champions will not be in attendance.

SGDQ kicks off

Everyone's favorite charity speedrunning event is back for it summer iteration this week and Summer Games Done Quick kicked off about as you'd expect. With a myriad of Nier: Automata puns, arguments about whether or not to save the animals and... a spelling bee?

As theScore's resident pun ambassador, I was very pleased by both the amount of money raised in the first hours of the marathon, and by the delightful variety of puns — puns that are frankly hard 2Beat.

The first speedrun of the week, Nier: Automata, saw runner Halfcoordinated pull off a solid time one-handed. But as he pointed out at the beginning of the run, he does not play one-handed as a gimmick, but rather because of a medical condition that makes him unable to play with both hands.

His speech at the end of his run gave a shoutout to the makers of Nier: Automata for allowing custom controls, which enable him and others with accessibility needs to excel at the game.

And impressive one-handed mechanics aside, his quip about how dashes in Nier resemble skateboarding mechanics, and shoutout to artists, spawned one of the best GDQ memes ever: #Got2BRadical.

Halfcoordinated's challenge to draw the game's protagonists in '80s clothing on skateboards with the hashtag spawned way more art than anyone expected, and I definitely recommend perusing some of them, if you have time.

The speedrunning marathon will continue 24 hours a day until the end of the week to raise money for Doctors Without Borders. You can check out the stream here.

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