Turner's Nate Smeltz on the ex-iBUYPOWER bans: 'We have and will continue to respect Valve’s banned list'

by Dennis Gonzales Jul 27 2017
Thumbnail image courtesy of theScore esports / ELEAGUE

Turner will uphold Valve's indefinite ban of the former iBUYPOWER players from their ELEAGUE events, according to VP of Communications Nate Smeltz.

'We have and will continue to respect Valve’s banned list,' he said in an email to theScore esports.

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The news follows ESL's decision on Monday to update the ruleset used for their events and tournaments, lifting the ban on the ex-iBP players and a number of other players that were banned for cheating.

The former iBP players were permanently banned from Valve events in 2015 after a match-fixing scandal at CEVO Season 5. Among those players are Sam "DaZeD" Marine, Joshua "steel" Nissan and Braxton "swag" Pierce.

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According to ESPN's Jacob Wolf, DreamHack, an entity of ESL's parent company Modern Times Group (MTG), has not changed their stance on the ex-iBP bans though it's unclear if that will change in the near future.

Meanwhile, FACEIT's has yet to make a statement regarding the ex-iBP players for their Esports Championship Series, but according to FACEIT VP and caster James Bardolph, news is expected soon.

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