SK Telecom T1 sweep GE Tigers 3-0; win LCK Spring Grand Finals

by Paul Park May 2 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

Former World Champions SK Telecom T1 and the GE Tigers are battling it out in the LCK Finals. SKT have dominated the second round of the regular season and come into the series with a great reverse sweep of CJ Entus. GE on the other hand, have been the story of the year, claiming a first place finish as a rookie team full of "misfits"

Game 1

Faker sat out for the first game of the series, as SKT elected to start both Easyhoon and Tom. 

The game started out with an early gank from Lee into the top lane just five minutes into the game. MaRin was horribly over extended in his lane and that mistake cost his team First Blood and gave GE a slight edge in the early game. 

SKT looked to counter and they had Tom focus their attention on the bottom lane. Tom's persistence paid off around 11 minutes in, and SKT secured a nice revenge kill on PraY. That kill, along with MaRin's efforts in the top lane to secure an early turret, gave SKT the early advantage. They held a small but significant 2k gold lead going into 18 minutes.

The first major team fight took place in the bottom lane around the 21 minute mark. GE sent three members down to gank SKT's bottom lane, but a fantastic teleport from MaRin led to a quick turn around for SKT. The extended exchange lead to the death of three GE members for just Bang and SKT grew their lead to three thousand gold. 

SKT's win in the team fight led to a snowball effect for SKT. They were confident in their ability to outplay their opponents and moved into the dragon pit. GE went in to contest, but the fight would once again go to SKT. GE lost three members in the exchange and SKT secured their first Baron of the game in just 25 minutes. 

With the Baron buff, there was nothing GE could do to hold off SKT's onslaught. SKT moved into the middle lane and picked off two members, which led to GE's middle inhibitor falling shortly after. After the inhibitor fell, SKT retreated before moving out to end the game.

GE desperately tried to win a team fight, initiating into the SKT front line several times. However, their hopes of a come back were crushed as SKT dominated them over and over again in every team fight. 

SKT finally decided to end the game by pushing down the middle lane. They killed off four GE members before taking down the nexus in 33 minutes. 

Game 2

Easyhoon and Tom remained in the lineup for Game 2, as Faker was once again watching from the sidelines.

The early game advantage when to SKT, as Tom took a huge risk by going for an early dragon (which he succeeded in getting) just four minutes into the game. Both teams farmed out their lanes until the second dragon spawned at around the 11 minute mark. SKT were determined to take their second dragon and a huge team fight ensued. SKT and GE traded kills  but it was SKT that secured both First Blood and their second dragon.

That fight opened the floodgates as both teams were willing to duke it out going into the mid game. Easyhoon was doing his best Faker impression, getting several kills and going 3/1/0 by 17 minutes.

The third dragon of the game spawned at 18 minutes and this time it was GE that got to the pit first. They started the dragon but Easyhoon made a great play to steal the dragon and take a double kill in the exchange.

With their third dragon, and an overwhelming kill score lead, the late game was all about SKT. They were dominating every measurable category and secured their fourth dragon of the game at 24 minutes. They followed that up by securing their first Baron at 26 minutes.

With the Baron buff, SKT split into a 3-2 formation to pressure GE’s base. Smeb tried to hold them off, but his team was far too behind. The fight led to the death of four GE members and SKT took down the inhibitor in just 29 minutes.

Game 3

Faker watched from the sidelines once again while, Easyhoon and Tom completed the three-game sweep against GE.

For the first time in the series, Lee focused his early aggression onto the bottom lane. His first gank was followed up by a great bind by GorillA’s Morgana, which  led to First Blood for GE just five minutes in. The early kill lead did not deter SKT in the early game, however, as Easyhoon kicked off his incredible game by  securing a solo kill on Kuro in the middle lane.

SKT once again, held a slight early game advantage going into the mid game. Aside from the bottom lane, SKT was handling their opponents in every other factor. MaRin was dominating Smeb at top, Tom was aggressively counter jungling Lee, and Easyhoon was outplaying Kuro at mid. By 18 minutes, the gold and kill score were even but there was little doubt as to who was ahead.

Going into the late game, GE decided to pressure their opponents. They were sieging down the middle turret but made a critical positioning error that lead to a major fight. The fight went to SKT as they secured two kills in the exchange. The fight lead to another skirmish just two minutes later as dragon spawned. GE lost four members in the extended exchange and SKT took a risky Baron as well.

The rest of the game was all SKT. GE were on the back foot and looked to pressure their Baron empowered opponents around the bottom lane Tier 2 turret but SKT quickly engaged and wiped out their opponents three-for-none. The fight led to three turrets falling in favor of SKT as their lead continued to grow.

A third dragon fell for SKT at 31 minutes and as soon as it fell, they transitioned to the top side of the map to take complete control of vision around the Baron pit. Thirty four minutes into the game, SKT secured their second Baron of the game completely uncontested and began a deep siege into the GE base.

The siege was stalled when MaRin was picked off in the bottom lane and SKT had to wait for their top laner to re-spawn. After MaRin came back, SKT opted to slow down the pace and control vision around the map waiting for dragon five or their third Baron.

This is when GE made a roaring comeback. They found a much needed pick off on Wolf which lead to a huge team fight taking place in the middle lane. GE came away with the ace and closed in on the gold difference.

Just two minutes after the fight, GE attempted an extremely risky Baron and succeeded in securing it as SKT responded much too slowly. GE secured Baron and won the ensuing fight once again, leading to the middle inhibitor falling in favor of GE.

The game had completely evened out, leading to a tense late game but, the final fight of the game took place around the dragon pit as SKT looked to secure their fifth dragon stack. The fight was extremely chaotic but eventually it was SKT that came out on top with the ace.

With their fifth dragon stack and all five of the GE Tigers down, SKT ended the game at 52 minutes and completed their sweep.

Paul Park is a writer for theScore eSports. You can follow him on Twitter.