Schalke shuffle esports division; bring on Krepo as head coach

by Daniel Rosen Oct 24 2017
Thumbnail image courtesy of LoL eSports

FC Schalke 04 has brought on former League of Legends player and EU LCS caster Mitch "Krepo" Voorspoels as their new head coach, the organization announced in a press release.

Schalke has also moved their former head of esports Tim Reichert to chief gaming officer, and hired former Splyce general manager Hans Christian "Liq" Dürr as their new head of esports.

"The Schalke management and I are alighend on common goals going into the 2018 Season," Liq said in the press release. "We are working on the very foundation on how we are going to lead our teams to success, emphasizing the importance of a professionally structured training environment and infrastructure for our professional players and staff, as well as creating a value-oriented culture within FC Schalke 04 Esports."

Krepo will be replacing Michael "Veteran" Archer as head coach. Krepo stepped down from casting the EU LCS in June.

According to the press release, Krepo will be responsible for building the organization's 2018 LoL roster and will take care of player development. The organization is still looking for a strategic coach who will "represent the team on stage."

Schalke qualified for the 2018 EU LCS Spring Split by defeating Ninjas in Pyjamas 3-0 in the promotion tournament. The team was initially relegated to challenger after placing eighth in the 2016 EU LCS Summer Split and losing to Misfits in the promotion tournament.

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