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The Top 10 All-Star moments in League of Legends (2013 - 2016)

by theScore esports Staff Dec 8

League of Legends All-Star events have given us some unforgettable moments — and whether it’s game-changing plays or hilarious out-of-game moments, we’re bringing you the Top 10 All Star moments in League of Legends from 2013 to 2016.

10. Doublelift’s PentaKill (2013)

Let’s kick off the list with Doublelift’s Pentakill from the 2013 All-Star Shanghai. Not only was it the perfect way to end the series between rival regions NA and EU, but the Korean casters went crazy. Classic.

9. Sjokz the Lee Sin Rap God (2016)

Let’s move on to something out-of-game. Our number nine spot goes to Sjokz for her display of spot-on cosplay and fire rhymes as she described Jankos' play on the Blind Monk.

8. kaSing and Huni in Tandem Mode (2015)

What happens when you stick two of the goofiest players in EU onto the same computer and they lock in Lee Sin? A lot of laughs, apparently, as Huni and kaSing trolled it up during 2015’s Tandem Mode. Listening to their comms as they stumble through the game is side-splitting.

7. Maple cuts Mata (2016)

Mata’s performance in the 2016 All-Star Barcelona 1v1 tournament was memorable, taking down Faker and PraY before losing to Maple. But what sticks in our mind is this hilarious moment where Maple cut down Mata after their Yasuo showdown. Oscar worthy.

6. PDD’s Godlike Equalizer (2013)

PDD was already a legend in China, but when he laid down quite possibly the best Rumble Equalizer of all time in front of his home fans in Shanghai, you can imagine that the crowd went crazy — easily worthy of number six.

5. The Ibai/Dash Intro-Offs (2016)

Channelling their inner Michael Buffer, Dash and Ibai’s back-and-forth intros for the 1v1s at All-Star 2016 deserves number five on this list. From classic styling to creative name calls, the mock showdown delivered on comedy and entertainment.

4. sOAZ and Wickd (2013)

Ok, so we’re cheating a little bit with this one, since it technically happened before All-Star 2013, but the famous 1v1 between sOAZ and Wickd to decide who would represent Europe was a huge moment. Wickd’s stream of the showdown pulled in 140,000 viewers with sOAZ emerging as the winner. sOAZ went on to make his region proud, winning the Top Lane Skills showdown over Shy.

3. The Pantheon Chant (2014)

The French esports crowd has a reputation as one of the best in the world, and they held nothing back when Paris hosted the All-Star event in 2014. The Pantheon chants, led by casters Chips and Noi, is the stuff of legends.

2. Froggen & Doublelift's Back-to-Back Snowballs (2015)

So one accidental snowball trip into the enemy fountain is unlikely, but two? That’s All-Star magic in action. Doublelift’s and Froggen’s reactions alone are worth number two on the list.

1. The inSec (2013)

One of the most influential plays of all time, the inSec is a clear pick for number one — and yes, it happened at All-Star. For more on the inSec kick's legacy, check out our Iconic Esports Moments: The inSec Kick video.

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