This Org Hasn’t Paid ANYONE in Months

by Andrew Faigal, Colin McNeil Jan 10

Esports orgs and late payments. Name a more iconic duo.

Unfortunately it’s something we still hear about all too often. And if you thought the dark days of teams failing to pay money owed for months, feeding their staff and players excuse after excuse and then disappearing are gone? Well, I got one for ya.

This report is about a small org that owes some big money.

Alright, so if you’ve never heard of an organization called Lowkey Esports, I wouldn’t really be that shocked.

But if the name doesn’t ring a bell, they actually have… or had... a lot going on.

They’ve got a PUBG team, multiple CS:GO teams by the looks of it, a Rainbow Six squad, Smash players, a Dragonball FighterZ player, team houses, they had an Overwatch team, they have a Rocket League team that made it to the Rocket League World Championships and a League of Legends team that made it to Worlds.

Sounds pretty good, right? Well, hold on.

According to multiple sources and documents supplied to me by a source inside Lowkey Esports, that org currently owes more than $137,000 in late payments to their various teams and staff around the world.

This rather large chunk of money is for everything from Rainbow Six player salary in Brazil to Jersey design fees in Canada.

Get the full story by watching the video.

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