How a Filthy Casual Risked Everything to Save Siege's Scrubbiest Players

by Matt Massey, Dimitri Pascaluta, Fermin Mulett, Miles Hackett, Alina Sotula a month ago

Some of us are born with an innate talent that manifests itself at a young age - a God-given mastery of a game that can carry you through the craziest situations.

But for most of us, the grind is what gets us to where we want to be - and the earlier you start, the higher your chances are to git good. And for those of us fighting to survive in games where we lack natural ability AND experience, the natural response is to seek guidance from others who can save us from ourselves.

But what if I told you that in the Rainbow Six Siege community, players weren’t only lining-up for advice dished out by prodigious zoomers? That instead, they were most likely learning to play the game through a filthy casual in his turned hardcore content creator by the name of Dillon “Get Flanked” Clark.

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