The Weeby Wonderkid Who Became Valorant's First 'W' Warrior

by Dimitri Pascaluta, Niall McCrossan, Brandon Mistele, Miles Hackett, Jason Durante 3 months ago

Tactical shooters have been a force in online gaming for over two decades. These games have developed a core set of values over the years, with each player filling a specific role for their team. And, being the genre’s new kid on the block, Valorant has chosen to adopt many of these same values.

But the thing about rules and tradition, is... well, not everyone is interested in following them.

Meet Peter “Asuna” Mazuryk, 100 Thieves’ zealful zoomer, whose aggressive playstyle and absolutely cracked aim has not only helped the Thieves become one of the best VALORANT rosters in North America but earned Asuna a reputation as one of his game’s flashiest fraggers.

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