CLG announces Pobelter, Huhi as new mid laners; LiNk steps down

by Nilu Kulasingham May 13 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of CLG

Counter Logic Gaming has added Eugene “Pobelter” Park and Jae Hyun “HuHi” Choi as their new mid laners for the 2015 Summer Split as Austin "LiNk" Shin steps down as the team's starting mid laner.

CLG states that Shin had decided to step down on his own after a month of deliberation and contemplation.

Shin stated that he'll be making a post about his departure soon.

It has been a huge pleasure working with the CLG organization, especially George. It has given me a lot of fond memories, but unfortunately the time has come for us to part ways. I'll be making a more in depth post on why I'm leaving elsewhere.

Park had this to say about his entrance into CLG.

I have much respect for each CLG member, and am excited for this opportunity to work alongside them. I believe that with the help of CLG's talented coaching staff we can achieve greatness this upcoming split. Thank you to all of my fans as well as CLG's for the support; I will try my hardest!

Choi stated that CLG will be running a roster similar to SKT T1.

I think I have finally got to a point where I can show everyone what I am capable of. I’ll never lose this motivation that I have right now and never gain an ego. People might be confused and think that I am a sub and will not probably play for CLG in the LCS but we are going to use two mid laners like SKT T1. I think it can be really good because not only can me and Pobelter discuss a lot about how to play mid and play each other, but also we can take care of each other when one of us gets stressed.

CLG states that both players performed well during tryouts and each have different strengths.