Star Horn Royal Club buys Vici Gaming Potential, rebrands to Royal Never Give Up

by Kelsey Moser May 14 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of LPL / Royal Club Weibo

Note: The logo is sourced from a Chinese forum here and is subject to be changed in official form by the club.

In a letter to fans, Star Horn Royal Club announced that they have purchased Vici Gaming Potential, the second place LSPL team that auto-qualified for the LPL. Vici Gaming had to sell their second team as a result of the exclusive ownership clause that prevents an organization from owning more than one LPL team. SHRC revealed they will brand VGP as RNG, or "Royal Never Give Up."

The Club then goes on to explain that they regret the circumstances that led to Star Horn Royal Club's relegation from LPL, and believe that many were simply unfortunate (swapping AD Carries, inSec's injury). They hope that fans can continue to cheer for their organization in the LPL under the RNG banner. In the coming 2015 LPL Summer split, they hope to field a roster of "unlimited vigor and vitality."

As for Star Horn, the club assures fans that they will continue to compete in the LoL Secondary Pro League this summer for a chance to return to LPL in 2016. Both teams are continuing to aim for glory at the World Championships, as Royal Club have placed second two years in a row.

Rosters have not yet been released for either team, but it's likely that significant changes are to come.

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