Snake reveals summer roster; includes U and ZZR

by Nilu Kulasingham May 16 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Snake eSports

Team Snake has announced that former Edward Gaming mid laner Ceng "U" Long has joined the team.

U's signing is potentially one of the more substantive moves of the off-season as Snake's previous mid laner Lu "BAKA" Fan had some glaring issues with his champion pool.

Additionally, Snake have also added Chinese solo queue jungler ZZR to their roster.

It's unclear if Long will be starting, but Snake's official announcement lists him as the first mid laner, which traditionally has been the indicator of a starting player.

The new Snake roster is as follows:

  • Top: Flandre
  • Jungler: Beast
  • Jungler: ZZR
  • Mid: U
  • Mid: BAKA
  • ADC: Kryst4l
  • ADC: Martin
  • Support: Ella
  • Support: CoLiN