The Summit 3 Grand Final Recap: Team Secret defeat Evil Geniuses 3-1; win The Summit 3

by Dennis Gonzales May 17 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Team Secret, Evil Geniuses

Game 4 was maybe the worst game of them all for Evil Geniuses. They drafted some pocket picks but were completely destroyed in the fastest game of The Summit 3.

After a 14 minute Game 4, Team Secret became The Summit 3 champions.

Game 1

When Evil Geniuses first picked Visage, Team Secret responded with the exact same opening picks that EG used in their previous series, Drow Ranger and Dark Seer. EG utilized the pair twice in their set against Secret and lost both times.

Both teams played safe in the early game. There was a good amount of aggression but nobody over committed. Ten minutes into Game 1 and there was only a single kill claimed by EG, but past that point, the action picked up significantly.

Arteezy went for an unorthodox pushing build on his Drow Ranger, maxing Precision Aura first that allowed Secret to take early towers. They made an early high ground push but when they backed up to wait for another creep wave, EG jumped in and capitalized on their positioning.

The loss put Secret on the back foot, but despite that, they went for yet another high ground push at 20 minutes. EG deflected the push in an even more impressive fashion. ppd’s Witch Doctor devastated Secret’s lineup with a fully channeled Death Ward from the high ground.

EG were in full control as the game transitioned into the late game. Thirty minutes in, EG came out on top of every major team fight and took the better of smaller skirmishes.

A big fight broke out at the 35 minute mark, but Fear’s Phantom Lancer and SumaiL’s Leshrac were absolutely gigantic.

EG easily took the fight and they took down the full lane of barracks in the middle lane while Secret were dead on the sidelines. Shortly after, EG pressured the high ground in the bottom lane.

With such a massive deficit, Secret had no way of deflecting their push and they called the game at 39 minutes.

Game 2

Team Secret drafted a glass cannon lineup and once again committed with a first pick Drow Ranger, but Evil Geniuses responded with a strong Lycan counter. EG also picked up a Dazzle to “heal bomb” with Broodmother but Secret made counter-picks of their own, with Shadow Fiend and Keeper of the Light to clear Brood’s Spiderlings.

The early game was fairly back and forth with both teams making numerous trades, but EG eked out a slight lead. They had a 2.5k net worth advantage for the entire early game and it only broke past that point in the mid game. The trades continued to go in EG’s favor and they slowly but surely accrued a 10k net worth advantage by the 29 minute mark.

Like in the first game, Arteezy maxed Precision Aura first and prioritized pure agility items to heavily boost Secret’s push, but EG’s own push strategy included Necronomicons on both Fear’s Lycan and UNiVeRsE’s Broodmother. By the the 40 minute mark, EG took down all of Secret’s outer towers.

At the 41 minute mark, Secret scored big when they got a key pick off on Fear’s Lycan. Then they transitioned the win towards EG’s base, claiming the full lane of barracks in both the middle and top lane.

EG reset and at 43 minutes, they pressured the high ground themselves, despite not having buybacks. The gambit did not pay off and both UNiVeRsE and Fear got picked off, Secret simply drove into EG’s base and took down the Ancient at 45 minutes.

Game 3

The game began in clowny fashion as both teams taunted each other in All Chat during a brief pause. Shortly after, SumaiL’s Storm Spirit fell to an early smoke gank which also saw EG lose their courier in the process. EG rotated five heroes mid but it was a one-for-one trade. By the 6 minute mark, Secret had ganked Storm a third time.

EG had to devote their resources mid to protect SumaiL and Secret used that chance to take down the Tier 1 tower in the bottom lane. By the 10 minute mark, there wasn't much EG could do against Secret’s death ball and in the next couple of minutes, they lost the rest of their Tier 1 towers as well as the Tier 2 top.

By the 16 minute mark, Storm Spirit was 2/5/2 and EG were desperately trying to farm to catch up with Secret. Arteezy’s Shadow Fiend already had Mekansm, Power Treads and a Black King Bar and was 4k net worth ahead of Queen of Pain, EG’s most farmed hero.

Before Secret had even begun to push a Tier 3 tower, EG tapped out knowing they had been defeated.

Game 4

Secret took an early lead with a quick sequence of kills around the map. By the eight minute mark, Kuroky had set up several kills with his roaming Bounty Hunter and Secret had an 8-2 lead. It was hard to keep up with Secret’s movements around the map as Arteezy farmed heroes and was 7/0/1 by 11 minutes. Fear’s Lone Druid, on the other hand, was 1/3/1.

The Summit 3 ended much like it began. After Secret took a four-for-none fight after the Tier 2 tower top and EG called GG at 13:47, realizing that there was almost no chance of coming back.

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