TI5 Preview: Cloud9

by theScore Staff Jul 18 2015

theScore eSports is taking a look at all of the teams taking part in The International 5, two a day leading up to the beginning of the tournament. Today’s team is Cloud9. This will be both a history of the team as well as a look at the individual players that make up the roster headed to Seattle.

An International team

Cloud9 may not have been around as long as some of the other storied organizations taking part in TI5, but they are strong enough to be invited over a vast pool of European talent, forced to fight it out in the EU Qualifiers. Cloud9 have not always been an EU team, but after recent roster changes that left EternalEnvy as the only remaining Americas player, they became more associated with Europe.

The team has had a relatively stable core of players since its formation in February 2014, when Speed Gaming was acquired by the Cloud9 organization. The roster at that time consisted of EternalEnvy, bOne7, Aui_2000, pieliedie and SingSing. They did fairly well together, taking second place in both D2CL Season 2 and DreamLeague Season 1. They even made it quite far at TI4, fighting past Na’Vi and LGD before falling to Vici Gaming in the lower bracket and achieving a respectable 5/6th place finish.

Forever second place

However after TI4 SingSing left the team to form Team Tinker, and Cloud9 brought in German mid player FATA- to replace him. Cloud9 continued to do well in high level tournaments, but were never able to crack the top spot and became known as “forever second place”. They placed second at World E-sport Champ 2014, WCA 2014, DreamLeague Season 2 and The Summit 2 during September to December 2014.

January 2015 saw a minor “Western shuffle” in the days before the Dota 2 Asia Championships and both Aui_2000 and pieliedie left C9, Aui headed to EG while pieliedie formed the short lived Meepwn’d. BigDaddy(N0tail) had been booted from Team Secret in this same shuffle, so C9 picked him up along with Misery, who had been without a permanent team for a few months though he had been standing in for Alliance.

This was the birth of Cloud9’s current roster, but while the second place curse seemed to be broken, their inability to reach first place was remained. After a 5/6th place finish at DAC, Cloud9 had a series of 3rd or worse finishes at tournaments like The Summit 3, Starladder and ESL One Frankfurt 2015.

Just this July, Cloud9 finally achieved a second place result in Dota Pit League Season 3. During this past few months, Cloud9 became known for taking games late, and that trend went to the extreme during a Starladder match against ScaryFaceZ that broke the record for the longest professional Dota 2 match, clocking in at a whopping 3 hours, 20 minutes and 34 seconds.

It's going to take a lot of hard work and some pretty great drafts to get past Team Secret, Evil Geniuses and even the top Chinese teams but EternalEnvy is a man on a mission and the team he's formed around himself just might take him closer to his dream than ever before.



Jacky “EternalEny” Mao is a Canadian who famously left his Engineering Science program at the University of Toronto in April 2012 with the aim of becoming a Dota 2 pro. He is perhaps one of the hardest working and most dedicated players in the scene, while at the same time also being one of the most public and contentious figures for his style of putting it all out there, often posting his opinions on Twitter or his blog. His love for anime earned him the nickname EE-sama, and he is often spotted at anime conventions or sporting ingame names taken from favorite anime characters.

When EE left UofT in 2012, it took him a few months before he formed his first stable team. In September 2012, No Tidehunter was born. The original roster contained EE, Black^, s4, AdmiralBulldog and kizzles, but both Black^ and kizzles left a month later, causing NTH to pick up Loda and Akke in October 2012. If you are familiar with The International 3, that lineup might sound familiar to you; it was essentially the TI3 winning Alliance beginning to form.

Unfortunately for EE, No Tidehunter felt that they needed someone else in the support role (EE was not playing carry yet) to make their roster the best it could be, and EE was kicked and replaced by EGM in February 2013. No Tidehunter rose to the top, but EternalEnvy was left without a team.

In March 2013 Envy joined a new Kaipi roster, now playing the carry role. The team did well in smaller tournaments before being picked up by Rattlesnake, becoming The team kept that name for a month before being rebranded once again as Speed Gaming (albeit under the same organization). Finally, Speed Gaming was acquired by Cloud9 in February 2014.


Adrian “FATA-” Trinks is another player who has been bounced around several teams before landing in Cloud9 in 2014. He is much more quiet and reserved when compared to some of his more outspoken teammates; in fact he is rumoured to dislike being interviewed.

He joined the Dota 2 scene in 2012, notably replacing SingSing in the team formerly known as mousesports which had just been renamed Zero in November 2012. mouz resigned the roster just a month later and FATA had some good results with the squad including 3-4th at RaidCall EMS One Spring, and 1st at RaidCall EMS One Summer. They also made it to TI3 through winning the European Qualifiers but were knocked out in the first round of the lower bracket by after a poor showing in the Group stage.

FATA- was removed from mouz when they revamped their roster in October 2013 and joined DD.Dota, which was quickly picked up by Sigma becoming The team did well, placing between 3/4th and 1st in several tournaments. However, FATA- left Sigma in April 2014 to join Team Dog, a group of friends that had formed with the hopes of making it to TI4. The squad got their wish when they cruised through the European qualifiers to a berth in Seattle, though they were eliminated before they could reach the main event, placing 11/12th.

Cloud9 picked up FATA in the traditional post TI4 roster shuffle.


Pittner “bOne7” Armand is an intimidatingly good Clockwerk player and offlane innovator. He popularized the now common Blademail build on Nature’s Prophet and is known for making big plays to turn teamfights (similar to iceiceice but without the trolling).

bOne7’s team history is very similar to EternalEnvy’s, having played with him since Kaipi and sticking around through the team’s many incarnations as, Speed Gaming and finally Cloud9. Before that series of teams he had been playing DotA and Dota 2 for many years in his native Romania, though he has said since that all Romanian teams didn’t work out because as he put it “there’s some ego clashing every time”.


Johan “BigDaddyN0tail” Sundstein used to have a less complicated name. For many years he was known simply as N0tail but in June 2014 he changed his ingame name to BigDaddy. There has been some confusion in regards to what to call him but he provided some clarification in an interview at the Starladder Season 12 LAN, saying “It’s whatever people want it to be. If you prefer BigDaddy, if you prefer N0tail, if you prefer both or a whole nother option you can call me what you want”.

He is known for having a big personality, loving dogs and being one of the loudest members of his team during games, though he has toned the energy down somewhat in recent years. His micro skills are renowned, especially his high level Meepo play. He doesn’t cast games often, but his casts at both The Summit tournaments are beloved by fans and very entertaining.

BigDaddy started young, playing both Heroes of Newerth and DotA casually as a teenager. When he was 15, he began to play HoN on a team and two years later in 2010 parts of that team were added to the restructured Fnatic (HoN) roster. The team was successful, winning both the GosuGamers SteelSeries HoN Cup and Gamers Assembly 2011. Yet another two years later in 2012 Fnatic HoN became Fnatic Dota 2, with all five players switching to the new game.

Fnatic found success in Dota 2 as well and N0tail gained a significant fanbase. However in 2014 after a less-than-successful run at TI4, BigDaddy chose to depart from Fnatic, joining the newly formed and mysterious Team Secret. He was with them for the first few months but was removed in January 2015 when Arteezy and zai jumped ship from EG. BigDaddy was not without a team for long though as C9 quickly scooped up the talented support player.


Rasmus “MiSeRy” Filipsen is the second Danish player on Cloud9 along with BigDaddy but unlike BigDaddy he did not start out playing HoN. MiSeRy began with DotA in elementary school, joining the pro scene in 2008 with the team Met (Mom equals toilet) who, appropriately enough, were known for flaming.

He moved from DotA to Dota 2 in 2010, joining the team MeetYourMakers which included well known personalities Maelk and Demon. This team was very successful early on, earning 4th place at the first International, but they quickly disbanded after the tournament. MiSeRy’s next team was EG, though he only stayed with them for a few months before leaving to join CLG in May 2012.

CLG was where he first played with his good friend and longtime teammate Pajkatt and when was formed, they both jumped the CLG ship and in October 2012. Instead of playing semi-carry as he had before, MiSeRy began to play the support role with LGD. This team lasted over a year but in December 2013 were falling apart and both MiSeRy and Pajkatt left to form Team Dog along with other strong European players (including FATA as you’ll recall).

When mousesports disappeared following TI4, MiSeRy had no official team for a few months, though he did stand in for Alliance and Team Secret during that time. Finally, he was picked up by Cloud9 in January 2015, finishing off this year’s TI5 roster.

Annabelle "Abelle" Fischer is a writer for theScore eSports with a love for Dota 2, birds and cheese. You can follow her on Twitter.