Team SoloMid confirm WildTurtle as full-time AD Carry

by theScore Staff Jul 30 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Skye Bui / theScore eSports

Jason "WildTurtle" Tran will officially remain Team SoloMid's starting AD Carry after a few weeks of fighting for the position with substitute Yuri "KEITH" Jew.

In an announcement video, TSM bid farewell to their temporary substitute and assured fans that they were confident in WildTurtle's play heading into the playoffs.

KEITH was initially brought in to compete for the starting AD Carry position as well as motivate WildTurtle, who at the time was experiencing performance issues. Coach Choi "Locodoco" Soon said that he noticed a significant improvement in WildTurtle's play after they brought in KEITH.

"Turtle stepped up...something clicked, and Turtle started consistently playing better, he started thinking about his dumb deaths more and about two weeks in that's when Turtle started having his form again," Locodoco said.

Turtle himself expressed that having KEITH in the house helped him realize what he could improve as a player and what TSM could do better as a team.

As for KEITH, professional play seems to be off the table for the promising young talent.

"There's a low chance that I'll try to go pro because I'm already planning to enroll in a university," he said. "I think I could be really good if I tried...but I not sure it will be worth it in the end."

In his only LCS game this split, KEITH had a 4/3/13 scoreline on Sivir in a TSM's win over Team Dragon Knights. In 17 matches, Turtle compiled a 60/45/92 scoreline, boasting a 3.46 KDA.

Team SoloMid finished the summer split in fifth place with a 11-7 record and is set to play Gravity in the playoff quarterfinals on Aug. 9.

Nicholas Doucet is a News Editor for theScore eSports. You can follow him on Twitter.