Dyrus says NA potential is real, TSM on an upswing

by theScore Staff Jul 31 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Skye Bui / theScore eSports

Team SoloMid is working hard to fix their problems, moving beyond their late-season struggles and is on an up-swing heading towards the playoffs, says top laner Marcus "Dyrus" Hill in a vlog post.

“If you look at every split, TSM isn't always all the way in first place all the time, it’s usually top three, top four, and there was even a time where we were even below...This year is another year where I have to work really hard and show that all the hard work at practice will pay off."

Addressing his own less dominant play this year when compared to past splits, Dyrus brought up the significant improvements in the competition, and was quick to praise the growth of his fellow North American top laners.

“If you look at every single top laner in playoffs right now compared to last year, none of them are dead weight, they’re all very high threat, really really good players," he said, listing them.

"We have the Season 3 world champion Impact, we have ZionSpartan who’s gone through a ton of seasons and has finally found his place on CLG. Then there’s Hauntzer, who’s been an unappreciated top laner in NA for the last year or so...Hauntzer’s brought me to the point of where playing against him felt like playing against [SKT T1] Marin...and [Koo Tigers] Smeb. Gamsu who’s been hard carrying some games for [Dignitas]. Then finally there’s Quas. There’s no pushover. It’s not that I’ve gotten worse at the game, it’s that the competition is rising up."

Dyrus also said the top lane was moving beyond mechanical ability, and that map movement and teamwork were becoming crucial aspects of the role.

Looking towards the upcoming World Championship and evaluating the international teams, Dyrus had high praise for European side Fnatic.

"Fnatic going 18-0, I believe that’s really, really impressive...especially in Europe where there’s so many high mechanic players," he said. "I believe that if they keep that up and they don’t get complacent...then they’ll have a really good shot at winning Worlds."

Predicting his own region's chances on the international stage, Dyrus told fans not to be fooled by TSM's difficulties at the Mid-Season Invitational back in June.

"NA has come a far way...the potential is actually real this year."

Nicholas Doucet is a News Editor for theScore eSports. You can follow him on Twitter.