CDEC Gaming shut down LGD-Gaming 2-0; proceed to upper bracket finals

by Dennis Gonzales Aug 5 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Dota 2

It was a classic case of David vs. Goliath in the match between CDEC Gaming and LGD-Gaming. It was the younger, faster and more aggressive team in CDEC that proved themselves the stronger of the two.

Here's how the games went.

Game 1

The early phase of the game was incredibly close. Both kills and net worth were dead even for the first 15 minutes of the game. Even in the mid game, when one team took a lead, a trade would equalize it.

Twenty-six minutes into the game, LGD-Gaming were in a slight lead and were taking down Roshan, but Xz's Dark Seer Vacuumed three of LGD onto the high ground. It was a phenomenal setup for CDEC Gaming and they scored a team wipe despite Maybe's Aegis.

The aggression died down slightly as both teams farmed and waited for the next Roshan spawn. A skirmish broke out near the pit at 35 minutes, but CDEC didn't fully commit to the fight. Sylar prematurely popped Eclipse, not hitting a single hero. It was a spell they sorely needed when CDEC reengaged.

CDEC's movements in the ensuing fight were perfectly coordinated and every hit mattered. Aggresif's Phantom Lancer survived with 31 health while Xz's Dark Seer went as low as 18. CDEC scored a team wipe and took down two full lanes of barracks on the back of it.

Any hope LGD had in the game were dashed away when they lost yet another massive team fight later in the game. They called GG right after, at 38 minutes.

Game 2

Similar to Game 1, it was a fairly back and forth affair in the early game. But CDEC Gaming exploded into action after a completely dominant fight at the 12 minute mark. CDEC traded one-for-four and their snowball got rolling. By the 18 minute mark, CDEC were up in kills 17-5 and already had a 10k net worth advantage.

CDEC simply didn't stop. They were running rough shod over LGD and their net worth advantage exploded to 20k at 27 minutes. LGD didn't score a single kill for over 10 minutes and were getting picked off in their own base. LGD finally called the game at 32 minutes.

With their blowout victory over LGD-Gaming, CDEC Gaming are the first team in the upper bracket finals and will face off against the winner of EHOME vs. Evil Geniuses. LGD drop to the lower bracket to face the winner of vs. Team Secret.

Dennis Gonzales is a Toronto eSports writer who enjoys whiskey, Dungeon & Dragons and first-picking Timbersaw Windranger Abaddon Slardar. You can follow him on Twitter.